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April 25, 2004

Open Media

IBM's research report telling media giants to get into shape or be ready for disruption coming their way . Their recommendations:

1. Get your digital house in order: Create or convert content to digital formats
2. Manage content for optimum flexibility and asset value
3. Be open for distribution, no matter where or when
4. Be open for delivery – in multiple packages, with variable pricing and always-on
customer service
5. Open digital doors – to contribute, produce or author dynamic content
6. Create new product windows and business models
7. Manage openly and communicate in realtime through digital infrastructure
8. Leverage a new depth of business intelligence made possible by digital technology
9. Use partnership strategies that drive efficiency and optimize customer attention
10. Become an on demand business.

Though they can ignore the last recommendation - too obvious if you have already done the first nine steps.

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