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April 19, 2004

more on fud protection services

FUD still rules. For $495 you can get info on following -

A strong understanding of Free and Open Source Software
Information about the five most important software-related IP risks
An introduction to Open Source-specific liability exposures
A set of Best Practice Protocols for using Open Source, developed with input from Fortune 500 Linux users, IP legal experts and the Open Source community
Analysis of current litigation risk

According to its founder Daniel Egger the whole value proposition is based on the age-old American pastime - suing each other !

Providing Linux-related services to corporate clients was a $3 billion opportunity last year - but the explosion of Linux at both the device and enterprise levels now suggests it may well prove to be a $50 billion bonanza within 10 years
In America, whenever so many billions of dollars get involved, companies under pressure hire lawyers and begin suing each other. Why? Because litigation works well enough, often enough, to get plaintiffs' lawyers excited

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