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April 19, 2004

Mission driven funds

Continuing my search for finding good venture funds/start-up models built around social enterpreunership -

SJF Venture -

SJF Ventures invests in companies whose successful growth is built on high performing entry-level employees and strong environmental performance. SJF seeks to serve individuals who, due to their family history, education, race, gender, or geography, have not had the chance to participate fully in the U.S. economy. Specifically, this includes individuals without significant formal education, transitioning from welfare to work, underemployed or unemployed, and/or living in economically distressed urban or rural regions. SJF aims to help create employment situations with room for advancement into positions requiring higher skills and providing greater levels of compensation and benefits

Falls under the category of mission driven funds - private equity funds with a social or environmental agenda, as well as a financial focus, they look for companies with double bottom line - financial return and social return.

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