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April 17, 2004

Making blogs make money

New industry is about to get started and its about monetizing trust and contextual knowledge. Who knows in 5 years time this could be the first billion dollar industry driven by Web Services.

Wouldnt be surprised if VCs and Analysts start revising their whats-hot slides after reviewing the exciting developments at this bloggerCon.

Making money from blog is about selling trust. Here is a short list of ways you can get closer to making money -

Sell advertising (Doubleclick etc wake up, beat up your product managers , here is a good opportunity)
Become a media property (Another reason why in future sites like GigaOm will be more trusted sites than the link jungles like business2.0 - finally an opportunity for doctor to be more relevant than the HMO !)
Sell products - indirectly
Sell products - directly
Blog for hire
Blog to benefit your core business
Sell services
Ask for contributions from readers
Ask for contributions from rich people
Sell your content
Sell premium memberships
Bring people together
Service provider to blogsphere
Odd ideas (My idea to this list - Real-time casestudy oriented training blog - all paid, I would love to pay $25/month to get Christensen or Geoffrey Moore to answer all my strategy related queries on a daily basis. Its different from Google Answers, its more interactive, involves group dynamics, and allows honest dialog)

All this is not going to come easy, first we need to develop the whole infrastructure layer -

Statistical and tracking tools
Ad serving
Trust , liability and privacy ( just one example of non-stop cut-n-paste from premium sites like Economist is bound to raise some legal issue down the road, who decides where is the line when it comes to referencing external sites AND CONTENT )
Network formation

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