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April 19, 2004

India 2020: Emerging or Surging?

HBS joined other mainstream media in doing an exclusive coverage on India. Its a very interesting analysis, mostly comments from HBS alums.

Excerpts -

"Out of a world population of six billion people, the one billion who make over $2,000 a year are the primary recipients of technology's benefits. Why not build businesses that serve those at the bottom of the pyramid?" - Vikram Gandhi

"If you're starting a technology company of some size and don't have an India strategy, you're not likely to survive long" - Ramanan Raghavendran

"Investors will begin to use the labor pool available in India to create real value arbitrage—to tap markets they couldn't have tapped before" - Navin Chaddha

"I think the next big opportunity is to find the new sectors where you can take an Indian business global" - Ashish Dhawan

Minto Bhandari said it best - "It's about enlarging the pie, not just slicing up what's already there"

Its good to see Atanu and his team solving the problem for "bottom of the pyramid".

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i love india, & i want to india became a super power. i wise u very much.

Posted by: soni Dhaval | Jun 2, 2004 8:01:22 AM

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