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April 13, 2004

CRM meets BPM

Onyx bought an early stage BPM company

Onyx plans to incorporate the acquired Business Process Management technology into Onyx CRM to allow non-technical users to design and modify end-to-end business processes using graphical workflow and business rule design tools. The technology is designed to significantly reduce the need for IT support - as well as the associated delay and expense - while creating more cost-effective business agility for the enterprise. This powerful new technology can be applied to support long-running, multi-user workflows that in some cases extend beyond the walls of the organization, to partners and suppliers

Very soon every CRM vendors would be adding BPM module to their suite. There has always been a product management struggle inside CRM companies to decide on which direction to take while planning expansion. One direction is to work on automating all CRM business processes(hence this deal) or another is to dive deeper into automating downstream CRM processes such as those involved in the demand chain.

Stubborn sector, consolidating very slowly.

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