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March 30, 2004

Tenfold promise

Jeffrey Walker - CTO of Tenfold corporation and also ex-EVP Oracle has this for the Tsunami promise. Read about this in SDForum news magazine and immediately downloaded to checkout the promise. It will be interesting to investigate this further. Think about it, he is promising development of salesforce.com type application in just 3 hours !

You are about to embark on a fantastic, thrilling, awe-inspiring magical mystery tour into a realm of applications development heretofore unseen on planet Earth. And its name is Tsunami. Very quickly, as in a few hours, you will see for yourself that Tsunami is the next killer application, and truly DISRUPTIVE.

We are not talking about a few steps forward, faster coding, or code-generating
software (code-generating software is a few steps backwards in reality). We are
not talking about rapid-applications-development that lets you build prototypes
that you must rebuild once you sort out your ideas.

Tsunami is a QUANTUM LEAP into the future. Tsunami lets you build
applications you never before thought possible, and build them faster and with
more features than you imagined. Furthermore, the applications you build are
completely tested BEFORE you build them. In addition, these applications scale
to thousands of simultaneous end-users, running on networks of computers.

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