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March 15, 2004


Craig Newmark , founder of the hugely popular Craigslist, on his philosophy and customer-driven approach -

"There's a figure in popular mythology who goes to high school who wears glasses, a pocket protector, and has no social skills. Those stereotypes have a basis in reality. I used to joke about being a recovering nerd, but now I embrace some kind of nerd militancy. The Internet is about getting people to talk to each other. .... Quantum physics is fun, but the only way we can change the world is by doing the mundane stuff everyday. And then doing it again. The everyday stuff we do is what really matters in the world. We need to develop a culture of trust and earn it again every day. I take misuse of the list personally. We also pay a lot of attention to privacy, due process, and law enforcement. I get a subpoena on my desk about once a week. Community feedback should result in changes, and you need to provide excellent customer service. "

His is a refreshing voice, translates all complex issues into simple everyday concerns - helping each other, privacy, building trust by doing small things - everyday - , and best of all having a right moral compass.

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