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March 26, 2004

Center for Citizen's Media

Jeff Jarvis on the objectives of his idea for Center for Citizen's Media -

> Citizen journalists can benefit from education in some of the tricks of the trade (e.g., how to avoid libel, how to file freedom of information requests, how to write a killer lede). I'm not saying that bloggers need to be like big-media journalists but I am saying that media must to embrace this new wave of journalists.

> Journalism students can, for the first time in history, think and act like entrepreneurs (see Gawker, Gizmodo, Engadget). They can use weblogs to create a body of work that will get them hired. They must learn how to interact with their publics in new ways.

> Big media needs to learn how to interact with and serve and, most importantly, listen to the citizens formerly known as their audience.

> News sources -- in politics, government, business -- need to learn how to relate to citizens who can now, finally, speak to them.

Shouldn't we be expanding the notion of media here and preparing a platform-level thinking to take it out of the clutches of journalism completely. I would name this as a Center for Citizen's Expression and make it very generic in its purpose.

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