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March 24, 2004

Attention Management

Ross Mayfield sharing his thoughts on the Attention management -

In some companies, people spend four hours a day in their Inbox, each IM carries an interruption tax of 15 minutes recovery time, volume is growing at 30% per year and its intruding into our personal lives. What's new that old guard vendors don't get is that half of attention is control. The Pull model of RSS and throttling notifications by space for users, but also giving up control to the networks you are a part of to let them filter the world for you. We have to help people get out of their Inbox (even Ray Ozzie agrees). A someone noted in the wiki: People are pulling tasks out of email via wikis, RSS and IM

There is definitely a need for an automated context resolver which can steer the user's attention to the right task in right context.

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