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February 01, 2004


There are lot of commonalities in the software design methodology and the one used by building architects. Emphasis on aesthetics, coherency, and evolutionary approach are just few of them.

Newyork based architecture design firm SHoP/Sharples Holden has come out with
a new model for architecture practice. Its called Versionining -

"Intent on exploring the computer’s capabilities for changing design processes in the act of making, SHoP uses versioning to describe the significant shift in the way technology is being applied to expand, in time as well as in territory, the potential effects of design. This requires rethinking the design process in terms of procedure and outcome in ways that are totally unprecedented in both the construction industry and conventional design methodologies. It also has far-reaching implications on the entire design process and existing design/production partnerships"

Added this book to my list for 2004

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