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October 08, 2003

VCs: Darwin rules tech jungle

Silicon Valley 4.0 (Its quite funny that our geekiness has spread so far that we started versioning silicon valley itself. How desperately we are for the patch version !!)

Usual yada yada of whats to come -

Technology for the home will likely become a huge growth market, Estrin said. Many of the companies that demonstrated products at the conference, such as home server manufacturer Mirra, hope to come up with products and services that will make it easier for consumers to access work and entertainment files.

Embedded computers and sensor networks that will link products and devices into pervasive networks

Moore said that his firm is focusing on several areas, including biological engineering

Judy Estrin's remark is interesting - "Entrepreneurs, she added, might in the next few years be better off trying to bring their ideas to fruition by working for large companies or selling their start-ups to them, rather than aiming for the historically more lucrative IPO."

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