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October 16, 2003

Database and open-source

Oracle India launches 'Standard Edition One' for SMEs

"Standard Edition One is a single processor version of Oracle Standard Edition database offered at Rs 2.81 lakh, a company release said."

For the SME market and that too in the emerging countries, why do they need to have high end commercial databases? Work with the good enough !! As computing solutions become more and more central to the business life, in less developed countries the platform softwares should be all open source version. Spend the money on other value-added applications software and on improving the quality of your product.

Curious who is doing ODSL type work in the database area.
Postgres community comes close to this model, but not sure how BSD license restricts the adoption. Interesting thing to observe is the lack of support/involvement from programmers in less-developed countries.

This could be a great software project for all the students out there. To build a opensource based high performance/scalable database which can take on the $10 billion market dominated by IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

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